Indian River Mobile Veterinary Services, Dr. Melloney Erwin, DVM

Canine Rehabilitation Therapist, Acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Medicine,Veterinary Spinal Manipulation Therapy, Food Therapy, Full Service House Call Practice for Dogs and Cats


We met Dr. Erwin at our home, listened to her consultation regarding our lovely cat named Miso who was in Stage 3 Renal Failure.  We thought hope had run out and that Miso needed to be euthanized.   That was not the case.  We were impressed. We then followed her instructions to the “T”. The result was our 11 year old feline female rejuvenating herself from being “at death’s door” to  the magnificent  companion, protector and teacher we found 10 years ago. My wife Shari and I are eternally grateful for finding Dr. Erwin,thereby  having a ninth life for our sweet Miso. – John W Schropp, Commander of the Navy SEALs (Ret.)





Dr. Melloney Erwin is bar none the best and last vet we will ever have.  Her approach takes animal care and wellbeing to a level I have never experienced before.  My pets have always responded anxiously to vets in the past, but from the very first encounter both my dog and cat loved her.  I know that my pets are in the best care possible and I follow all of Doctor Erwin’s recommendations to the letter. – Al Catlin, Keene, ON.


About 3 years ago I rescued a beautiful cat I named Gracie.  Gracie had been someone’s pet as she had already been de-clawed and fixed.  She was a bag of bones.  We took her into our home and brought her back to health.   Her trauma caused Gracie to have a major eating disorder.  She could not stop eating and  grew to be obease.  But if I did not leave the food in a bowl on the floor she would cry constantly as though she had never been fed.   It was heart breaking.  Dr. Erwin created an English flower remedy  to address  Gracie’s emotional state.  The  remedy has more than worked!  She is calm now, no longer cries for food and is eating about half her normal amount.  It’s like a miracle.  I highly recommend Dr. Erwin’s services to anyone who loves their family members we humans call pets. – Shari Darling, Peterborough, ON

The rain poured, the water rose and the wind punished everything in
its path. I heard it all from my mom’s tummy. After Hurricane Katrina
passed, I was born. I don’t remember much else, I was soon rescued and
moved to Canada. My owner introduced me to a compassionate, kind hearted
veterinarian, Dr. Erwin.  Whenever I am feeling ill, Dr. Erwin makes me
better. She gives me herbs,acupuncture and treats!! She keeps me
healthy all year round and takes wonderful care of my new baby
brother. Unfortunately, she keeps the cats that live with me healthy
too!! I am very blessed to have someone so loving, gentle and
knowledgeable to take care of me.



One comment on “TESTIMONIALS

  1. Sally Doucette
    January 26, 2013

    Several month ago, we had to make the difficult, heart breaking decision to put one of our dogs to sleep. Dr. Erwin was amazing! I couldn’t have asked for a better experience for him or us! She was so caring, gentle and thoughtful. It’s difficult to speak about something like this but as unpleasant as a situation like that is, you could not ask for someone better! And to be able to do it in our home where he was comfortable and happy compaired to having to taking him to a clinic and have it done on a cold table with all that stress for him ….. so thankful on all accounts!!!!!

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